The Party Don't Start 'Til I Walk In


if i opened up commissions, would people actually want me to draw them stuff????like for reals

comatoseconfidant replied to your post: hey babies if you can help me please send your…

Sorry but team Misha4WorldPrezLovesTRAVOLTA is gonna win this thing

flails 2 strands of imaginary spaghetti at you

alternate ending:

Suicide prevention day is tomorrow September 10. What you did tonight is a true blessing, you really helped someone in need.

;w; i was only trying my best

i saw his response to the messages, good good! i'm glad he didn't go through with it c: still, it'd probably be best to keep what i've said in mind, maybe you should try to get to know him better. i'm sure he'd appreciate it!

I will! and thank you anon!

thank you everyone for your help!

if you want to see the result, go on his tumblr!

he made a post responding to the messages!

isn't it actually a bad idea to spam someone who's threatening to end their own life with messages from strangers? it can be very overwhelming and scary for the person, and you've given bullies a chance to send hateful asks that tell them to go through with it, to end their life. it happens almost every time. honestly it's a better idea to just get people close to them involved, not 1000 strangers


I never thought of it like that, I just want people to be supportive is all! I’ve seen people receive messages of support before and that sometimes the people end up realizing that other people have gone through that too! Or realize that these friendly messages show that people do care! At this point all I’m trying to do is help, I’m not sure if it will work but anything is worth a shot, especially if the person is set on ending themselves. I can’t sit idle watching him posts things about his life everyday, reading it, not knowing what to do. I know we weren’t super close or anything, but he’s a good person and he needs to know that.

You are honestly a very good person. Yes, I plan to go talk to your friend as well (I am so sorry they feel this way :( ) but first I wanted to say that you are so, so good.

Thank you so much!

Would it help to use the "report concern for a blogger's safety" in the Tumblr help center? I don't know the person, so I don't know how they'd react.

I’m not sure, I wouldn’t try anything risky!